Saab undercover

 Anyone with a Saab vert will tell you that the roof wears in a certain spot.

So I decided to protect mine as best as possible. I purchased this cover in October 2013. It’s worn out already, although you cannot tell from this photo. I will report back on the make, after the manufacturer has replied. 


Summer for Saab is coming

The last time I had the hood down in 2014 was late October. Took a drive to Dungeness in Kent. With summer on the way a good clean of the hood is planned.


Then back in December the 93 reached this mileage. I hope this summer to get the wheels refurbished and the shock absorbers sorted. The one thing I am struggling with the Saab, is the harsh ride. You hit even a tidy pot hole or break in the tarmac and boy do you feel it.

The Beginning

Here’s the thing. I have been a car lover since child hood. Mum and Dad were hard working parents and for the early part of my life we could not afford a car. My Dad’s brother always lent us a car to go on holidays to Wales. I remember those cars well. Ford Zephyr ( the long one). Ford Granada, allegro, princess.
My first car was a Vauxhall Viva LHD, Triumph, Ford Cortina LHD, Sierra, Cavalier. Started work and Jaguar XJ6, Ford Granada, various company cars and finally an Audi A6. Then
8 years ago nothing. It’s been a van since.
Last year I then realised I need a hobby. (It must be a nearly 50 thing.) I wanted a convertible. That I did know. So I looked. And I looked. I thought £1k should start my hobby.
Then at work one day I overheard a young Lad say he needed £800 to go on Holiday. He was selling his car. A 3 series convertible. So I asked, went and had a look. Roof was tatty, black alloy wheels immaculate. Engine clean and sounding BMW. Bought. My project has started!
Looked good on the drive. Then the wife came home. “Why have you bought a red car? Of all the colours, you buy red? What are you 18? Get rid of it.”
You know that gut wrenching, belly feeling. I knew my wife did not like red, I had completely forgotten. I may have forgotten to tell my love that I was buying a car as well!
So 8 weeks later a young lad from Folkestone bought it. The look on that young lads face when he pulled up on the drive, I knew he would have it. His age, 19!
My wife is not stupid. She knew I was looking at cars. She suggested I spend a little more money on a newer car. And I know that means it looks nice on the drive.
So my first ever Saab was purchased. It’s a 93 convertible 2001 hot aero. The story begins…..